Revozport Introduces E-Class Body Kit

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Asian tuner entrant Revozport has set its sights on the E-Class Mercedes with a body modification kit made from carbon fiber. This kit was designed for the W207 E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet. According to the company, “The aggressive but yet subtle design is to bring out the full character of the E Coupe and giving its owners the unique look but not looking like a hooligan”.

Using the Rezonance name, the kit includes a front bumper with LED daytime running lights, a splitter with two settings, a carbon kevlar hood, side skirts, a trunk spoiler, roof spoiler and a rear diffuser panel with LED reverse and fog lights copied from the E-Class’ big brother, the SLS AMG. Revozport claims that the hood gives an 8 kilogram reduction in weight.

Revozport aims to have the kit released by the first week of March and distributed worldwide within the month. It must be said that the pictures released by the company show a nice integration of the kit with the W207 E-Class and that they do not look like cheap ripoffs. Additionally, Revozport also produces carbon fiber front grilles, mirror covers, chrome insert covers for the trunk and other accessories for other vehicles.

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