Boosted SL55 AMG Sets New 9.9-second Quarter-mile Record

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It was only a matter of time before this SL55 hit that coveted 9-second mark.

For a while now, one of MBWorld’s most prolific posters, cnterline, has been chasing a 9-second run in his SL55 AMG. And, it has finally happened.

The run happened at Maryland International Raceway on April 20th, and the significance can’t be stressed enough. The run stands as the first stock blower SL55 in the nines, and although there’s a lot of mods to go with it, they aren’t ones that change dimensions of the engine, but rather, make it stronger to handle 18 psi from the stock blower. A sleeved engine keeps dimensions the same, but adds strength for the stock size pistons and connecting rods. He provides the cam profiles along with an ECU tune as well, but there’s no nitrous and no methanol injection.

record SL55 AMGStarting from the right lane, cnterline sets a 9.976 second run at 138.40 miles per hour, just barely getting into the nines. But the time slip doesn’t lie.

Interestingly, this AMG is still very much a street car. The top still works, and it even has air conditioning. If you peek into the interior, the only think you’ll notice is a pair of Recaro bucket seats, replacing the originals. We’d almost like to think the loss of weight alone due to the seat swap was enough to get into the nines.

Record SL55 AMG

Given the street nature of this SL55, it almost makes you wonder what the platform is capable of with more work. Passing the quarter-mile at 9.9 seconds is quick enough but a lighter, more modified version, or even SL65 could potentially lay down some seriously absurd times. But according to cnterline, that’s not on his mind right now, with no sign of an SL65 on his might right now.


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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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