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Ear-blasting E63 S AMG Makes 800 Horsepower at Runway Drag Race

E63s tuned turbo exhaust runway drag

Mercedes has done a lot to quiet down the E63 S, making things more fun for owners to uncork them.

  Comments | By - September 21, 2018

AMG GT R Shows Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Who’s Boss

Mercedes Benz AMG GT R versus Aston Martin DBS Superleggera drag race

AMG engineering proves there’s a lot of science behind acceleration than just straight line horsepower.

  Comments | By - September 12, 2018

AMG E63 S Wagon Ruthlessly Cans AMG GT R

AMG GT vs E63 S

Just go ahead and accept the big “L” coming your way if you race this speed demon wagon.

  Comments | By - August 13, 2018

See-through Mercedes-Benz E320 Beats AMG C43

light weight E320 vs C43amg

It seems odd that a V6 E-class stripped of weight can give an AMG some tail lights to look at, but lo and behold. 

  Comments | By - July 24, 2018

Modified E63 S AMG Takes on GT-R, Lambo, Ferrari & More

Modified E63s runway drag race

When it comes to modified cars, what’s faster; a big horsepower advantage, or a good driver?

  Comments | By - July 20, 2018

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