Prius Destroys Brabus-Tuned Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4²

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MB driver allegedly ran a red and smashed into a Prius, which somehow fared better than the German beast.

There’s a sense of added safety behind the wheel of a large, off-road-oriented, lifted SUV or truck. Perhaps it’s the ride height, broad fenders, or large amount of sheet metal that instills this feeling of “indestructibility.” Sadly, that’s not always the case, as the owner of this Brabus-tuned Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² learned the hard way.

Never thought I'd see this happen. 😐 Thank god no one was hurt!

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London’s top car spotters (and other bystanders) have flooded Instagram with pictures and videos of the brutal collision. It took place in one of the world’s supercar meccas – Sloane Street. Sources report the collision occurred in broad daylight, and the Prius involved was an active Uber vehicle. Thankfully, there weren’t any passengers in the Prius, and no injuries were reported by either of the involved parties.

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According to AutoEvolution, the G500 4×4² failed to stop at a red light. The driver ignored the traffic flow of the busy intersection, and ultimately caused the violent and very pricey collision. The German beast smashed into the Prius’ front end from the side. It ripped off the front bumper, making the Toyota’s airbags deploy. On the other hand, the G500 flipped on its side upon impact, and dragged its beautiful matte body along the famous London street.


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While the G500 suffered heavy damage, including a collapsed roof structure that may render it a complete loss, the Prius fared well and could move under its own power.

Did a Prius just kick a G-Wagen’s butt?

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