C63 S Edition 1 vs Black Series Predecessor

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Is the New C63 S Better Than the Old C63 Black Series?

Taking a new AMG C63 S Coupe Edition 1 out for a sprint around the track is never a bad way to spend a day, even when the weather is a bit on the wet side. The new design is quite attractive, but it’s those big yellow stripes that make you feel a bit boy-racer at times. The interior is nice, the steering is nice, the fit and finish are what you expect from Mercedes. That engine, though, is the main course. The 4-liter turbocharged V8 lifted straight from the AMG GT is otherworldly, and takes this Merc from ordinary to extraordinary.

Compared to competition from BMWs M4, the C63 S is more powerful, but it is also more expensive. That doesn’t make it any less fun to drive, however. The Merc seems to be easier to rotate and keep the rear end stepped out — you know, if that’s what you’re into. The yellow stripes are already there to tell everyone you’re a hooligan, so you may as well live up to the car’s reputation.

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Carfection¬†got the opportunity to run a few laps in the ultra-C, and it’s safe to say they enjoyed their time. Pitting this car against its Black Series predecessor in a straight line proves how much the new car’s turbocharged engine has improved in the power delivery department. And it’s really fun to watch. Everyone loves a good drag race.

This is a short video with a lot of really nice shots involved, so take the seven minutes and step into the world of AMG. Unlike a lot of performance cars that have recently downsized their engines and added turbochargers, the C63 still sounds as dreamy as ever. Turn up the volume, plug in your headphones, and put the throttle down.

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