Wekfest California Graced by Forum Member’s AMG C63 S: What’s Up in the Forums

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C63s AMG Wekfest California

Move over four-cylinder buzz boxes, this C63 S AMG stole the stage the ‘super bowl of car shows’ in Northern California.

Wekfest might be more synonymous with imports from Asian countries, but more and more, the show has had a strong presence with German cars as well. Interestingly, Mercedes hasn’t enjoyed as strong a presence as some other manufacturers from the same country, but AMG’s current craze of tire shredding models could be changing perceptions. Especially because we appreciate these cars for far more than their presence at a car show.

Prolific MBWorld member darwin329 was able to bring his C63 S to this invite-only show, and was thrilled to share with us his pictures from the “super bowl of car shows.” Held at the San Jose convention center in California, Wekfest is a pre-selected show of about 500 cars that represent the best of the best in terms of builds, quality, exclusiveness and performance.

Even other forum members, like RDO247, could help but gawk, too:

“Such a nice looking car. 

I would rate your car the nicest on MB World hands down, congratulations…”

From the factory, the Edition 1 C63 S AMG is already awesome, but darwin329 wasn’t about to leave this car alone. This AMG is modified to sit lower on H&R springs, and it has AL13 forged wheels. That’s all that’s needed to make this car look really great, but this brings about a polarizing topic: stance. Obviously this C63s Edition 1 doesn’t suffer from the excessive camber fad of other cars. At a show like Wekfest, it might not get all the attention or as many awards at the show, but perhaps it can lead to an appreciation of raw performance.

C63s AMG Wekfest California

The wider and more aggressive wheel and tire setup gives substantially more grip, in direct contrast to the cambered ans stretched tires that purposely take grip away. A drift monster this car is not, but an autobahn high-speed stormer it sure is. Either way, we’re happy to see AMG cars and the AMG lifestyle encroach on some of these more widely known show car events. Who says a show car can’t perform well too?

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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