AMG E63 S: Can These YouTubers Reach Its Top Speed Limit?

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Will 140 extra horsepower help Vehicle Virgins’ tuned Mercedes-AMG E63 S reach the magical 200 miles per hour mark?

By all accounts, the Mercedes-AMG E63 S is one fast machine. As in, just a notch below supercar fast. Packing a 603 hp twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, the super sedan sprints to 60 in just 3-seconds flat and tops out at an impressive 186 mph. And yet, few owners of this monstrous machine will ever fully explore those extreme limits. So we were happy to see at least one, the folks at Vehicle Virgins, do just that in this intriguing clip.

But VV’s Mercedes-AMG E63 S isn’t stock by any means. In fact, a little tuning has boosted power up to 740 raging ponies. So we head out to a local lake bed with high hopes of perhaps even breaking the 200 mph mark. Not too shabby for a luxury sedan, no? After a few test passes, that goal was looking even more achievable. “Honestly, this looks extremely doable,” VV says. The theoretical top speed of the E63 is 190 mph. Which is drag limited.”

Mercedes-AMG E63 S

There’s just one tiny problem. It’s an extremely windy and hot day, which could threaten to crush our host’s top speed dreams. And it kinda does, resulting in a best of 184 mph on the first run. Flipping around to the other direction didn’t help, as the car could only hit 180.

Mercedes-AMG E63 S

However, given the extreme wind and 100 degree temperatures, we think this run wasn’t too shabby. VV figures that on a cooler, calmer day, this car could easily reach that magical 200 mph mark. And we have no reason to doubt him. So as the dog days of summer wind down, we’ll just wait patiently for the follow up video.

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