AMG GT R Wows Married Formula 1 Duo on Race Track

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Wolff Family in the AMG GT R

Susie and Toto Wolff can’t get enough of furiously blasting around the Suzuka Circuit in Japan with one of Mercedes’ finest.

Susie and Toto Wolff are likely the best-known married couple in the world of Formula 1 racing, with Toto being a part owner of the Mercedes AMG Petronas team and Susie is a former driver in the series. While the husband was a shareholder in the Williams F1 team, the wife was one of their drivers, but he has moved onto the AMG Petronas team while she retired from F1, now serving as an ambassador for Mercedes-Benz and assisting in the growth of Formula E.

Recently, presumably as part of an event with Mercedes-Benz, Susie and Toto Wolff took to the track at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan in a new AMG GT R. The video, shared by the official F1 Facebook page, calls it a track battle, but they don’t really even make full laps, making it seem like they are really just trying to scare each other; in which they both succeed.

Ladies First: Susie’s Seat Time

The video begins with Susie Wolff at the wheel and Toto in the passenger’s seat, where he is filming with his phone. She begins in the paddock area, pulling out onto pit road and heading out onto the track.

Susie Wolff Drives the AMG GT R

As you might imagine, the former F1 driver immediately begins to enjoy the AMG GT R, but her husband seems less-than-confident in her ability to rocket around the track in this car right away. He reminds her that she doesn’t know the track, urging her to take the first lap easy to “see how it goes”, but she has other plans.

While Susie Wolff is fairly gentle at first, it only takes her a few turns before she is really hammering the curves with the AMG GT R. As she continues to build speed, her husband barks directions from the passenger’s seat, mostly directing her to brake and warning her of upcoming turns.

Not surprisingly, she has no issues piloting the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R around the Japanese road course, although the experience was clearly unsettling to her husband. However, it was his turn behind the wheel.

Toto Takes the Wheel

After Susie Wolff rocketed around Suzuka Circuit in the AMG GT R, she stopped in pit road and the two switched seats. Toto took the wheel and Susie handled the filming from the phone, while cameras in the cabin and on the outside of the car provided additional footage.

Toto Wolff Drives the AMG GT-R

Once Toto Wolff hit the track, he didn’t heed any of his own advice. He immediately began pushing the car to its limits, sliding around turns and popping across the curbs at high speed. While this is going on, Susie is in the passenger’s seat, desperately demanding that he slows down, but he does not.

In the end, Toto Wolff also scooted around the track in the AMG GT R without any problem, but in the battle of who scared who more, the husband gets the win.


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