Sweet Sounds of a Modded C63 AMG Shredding on the Strip

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C63 AMG from the Netherlands has an exhaust note from the heavens with a decibel level from the devil.

In this video from the Gumbal YouTube Channel, they claim that this is the most famous Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG in the Netherlands. That does not surprise us as the car is fast and loud, and the owner is more than happy to be seen going up against Audi and BMW cars at the drag strip.

The exhaust for this C63 AMG is made by Innotech Performance Exhausts and features what they call their Valvetronic Exhaust System. The valving on the exhaust is controlled by a remote control or even an OBD connected gesture controller. It can run with the valves closed all the time to restrict airflow and sound when driving around town, open all the time for when you want to keep the hammer down and gain the most power (or annoy the neighbors), or in automatic mode so the valves adjust to how it’s being driven on the fly.

Modified Dutch C63 AMG drag racing an Audi.

The number we’ve seen for this car is 550 horsepower with just the exhaust system and an aggressive tune. The way it’s keeping up with an Audi RS6, despite the Dutch C63 AMG having 3 passengers and only rear-wheel-drive to help it off the line, that looks about right. Clearly, the driver is out for some fun with his mates rather than taking the racing seriously, but it’s so fun to watch and hear that clean, raw, tone from the exhaust. We can’t get enough of such a refined and elegant car laying down such a filthy level of noise and power. The Lamborghini might have been faster, but we know which car we would rather ride home in with our big grins.

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