Video: Mercedes SL55 AMG vs Nissan GT-R

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I’m betting no one has ever seen a more confused looking GT-R owner in their life. You don’t expect a heavy, old person’s Mercedes, with a plushy interior and seat warmers no less, to smoke a purpose built supercar in a drag race. Then again, that might be overstating what the Mercedes SL55 AMG actually is.

This one, that’s been thoroughly worked over, is putting down 505 horsepower at the wheels, according to DragTimes. That means with a 15% drivetrain loss, the motor is pushing close or over 600 horsepower. That easily beats Godzilla at its own game.

I didn’t think the video would end like this, especially after that terrible start for the Mercedes SL55. Just goes to show you, you can never count out the AMG.

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