Mercedes-AMG A45: The Perfect Ice Drifting Machine?

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YouTuber not only gives us a sneak peek at the new A45 but shows its dynamic handling on a icy drift track. 

We have been waiting and waiting for Mercedes to release the information on its new AMG variant of the A45. We likely won’t see the entire reveal until later this year but thankfully, we have a taste of what the AMG A45 is going to offer, thanks to this camo-sporting prototype. And if initial impressions prove anything, this is a beast.

In a video recently released by Remove Before Race, host Raziz Roken Rehan, aka “Mr. AMG,” travels to an icy track in Sweden to kick the tires on the newest A-Class AMG. And it is killer.

AMG A45 prototype

While we get to see quite a lot, it is still a development car, so many details will still be yet to come, including engine specs. We do know that it is running on a 2.0-liter turbo engine. It is expected to produce just under 400 horsepower, and is mated to an 8-speed gearbox.

AMG A45 Prototype

However the focus for this video is on the 4Matic + system.

“Engineers were given the task by Tobias Moers [Chief Executive of Mercedes-AMG] to make a car that is more dynamic,” says Rehan. “It has to be the king of dynamism in the compact sector.”

To that end, it is sporting a new rear axle and an electro-differential with two clutches. So a lot of power is going to the rear, which sounds appropriately fierce.

AMG A45 prototype

As for the overall design, yep, we can see that signature Panamericana grille, despite their clever camo.

“Everything from the front wing onwards is new,” Rehan observes. “The bonnet has power domes, the car is much, much wider than the 35…the lights sit in a wider position, and we’ve got bigger air intakes.”

AMG A45 Prototype

This marks a significant change for this more aggressive A-Class. There are also bigger brake discs, Aero Pack rear spoiler, quad round pipes, and a wider stance.

Okay, all this sounds great. But how does it handle?

Rehan and AMG driver Tim hit the icy terrain with the A45 in Drift and Race mode.

It has to be seen to be appreciated.

“The previous system was called a reactive system, but this one is called active because you get that torque into the rear wheels immediately.” Rehan observes. “So when you’re turning, you get almost 100 percent going to that rear wheel to give you that nice slide.”

The A45 drifts and handles exceptionally, period. We can only imagine how this dynamic and instinctive handling will be on the roads.

AMG A45 Prototype

For this video, the sheer amount of thrill derived from such exceptional drifting, gliding, sideways performance is truly palpable. It is fun. “That’s the essence of this car,” Rehan smiles.

Mr. AMG sums it up best: “What a beast of a car. It’s a totally different animal!”

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