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Mercedes-AMG A45: The Perfect Ice Drifting Machine?

AMG A45 prototype

YouTuber not only gives us a sneak peek at the new A45 but shows its dynamic handling on a icy drift track. 

  Comments | By - March 14, 2019

Mercedes-AMG C63 R Edition 1: Drift Mastery in HD

Mercedes-AMG C63 R Edition 1

Many C63 R Edition 1s will likely never see the track but this one isn’t afraid to lay it all out.

  Comments | By - February 15, 2019

Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Drifts Into Next Dimension

Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Drift Missile

We talk about 1/4-mile times a lot, so let’s change it up and check out this E55 drift missile.

  Comments | By - January 9, 2018

Finnish Mercedes W203 Drifting Wagon: Enjoy the Madness

Mercedes W203 Drifting Wagon

The Black Smoke Racing Mercedes serves up a platter of diesel particulate and shredded tires with a side of rod knock.

  Comments | By - January 8, 2018

Go for a Ride in the S600 Drift Taxi

S600 Drift Taxi in Action

Someone turned a Mercedes-Benz S600 into a drift car, and the results are fantastic.

  Comments | By - October 18, 2017

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