In-cabin Footage of Renntech AMG GT R Breaking Nurburgring Record

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Michelin Cup 2 ZP tires & tuned Renntech suspension improved the cornering ability of the GT R on the bumpier parts of Nordschleife.

It’s amazing how calm the Renntech GT R sounds compared with how electrifyingly quick it is in this video published by on the YouTube channel. It’s also amazing how much the footage looks like a video game, or rather, how video games are now that good it hards to tell the difference when a good camera is being used for onboard footage. However you look at it, Andreas Simonson is a fast driver, in a fast car that was designed around the Nurburgring then given some extra race car treatment by Renntech.

If your AMG GT-R doesn’t feel fast enough, Renntech has some upgrade packages to fix that. The R760 package used for the record brings the engine up from the stock 577 horsepower to an even meatier 760 horsepower. They crank it up by using software adjustments for the engine and transmission, turbochargers Renntech developed themselves, and in-house manufactured downpipes.

RENNtech AMG GT R Nurburgring record

The brake package the company also developed is made up of lightweight two-piece brake discs with stainless steel brake lines, race-spec brake fluid and a ventilation kit made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The suspension is taken care of by Bilstein, who developed kit exclusively for RENNtech. With the addition of Michelin Cup2 ZP tires as well, they’ve improved the cornering ability of the GT R, particularly on the bumpier parts of the Nordschleife.

Renntech Mercedes-AMG GT R

The end result is seven minutes and four seconds, and taking a full seven seconds off of the stock GT R’s time of seven minutes and 11 seconds. Renntech is also quick to point out they had to take their run on a tourist day and deal with the traffic on the track. They also say they are still working on unlocking even more performance out of the GT R and believe there’s a sub-seven-minute lap to come. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for that.

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