Vintage Mercedes Touring Cars Sound as Good as they Look

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Tourenwagen Revival keeps an important piece of racing history alive.

Sure, modern cars are cool and all. But when it comes to racing, we’ll probably never experience the visceral appeal that once dominated our TV screens. Vintage Mercedes touring cars not only look incredible, they sound absolutely amazing. And after years of underwhelming modern race car sounds, it sure is satisfying hearing (and seeing) them tear around the track once again.

Mercedes Touring Cars

And we got to do just that recently thanks to the 2017 Tourenwagen Revival that took place in Hockenheim, Germany. For fans of classic Mercedes touring cars, it just doesn’t get much better. And thanks to this video from YouTuber MPZRACEVIDEO, even those of us not lucky enough to attend the event in the flesh can still enjoy it. Over and over again.

Mercedes Touring Cars

The idea behind Tourenwagen, like most vintage racing series, is to keep an important piece of motorsports history alive. In this case, retired DTM drivers and cars are able to continue on not just as relics of the past, but doing the things they were born to do. And even if they aren’t going quite as hard as they did back in the day, the competitive spirit is still clearly on display.

Mercedes Touring Cars

For fans of the sport, both new and old, German Touring Car Classics racing is a real gem. Not only does it bring back fond memories for those of us who were there to see it originally, it also serves as an important reminder of what racing used to be. When the art of driving was much more analog and human driven. And for veterans of the sport, it provides a chance to relive the glory days.

Mercedes Touring Cars

Perhaps most importantly, Tourenwagen gets these vintage racing machines out of hermetically sealed museum displays and on the track. Where they belong. And for that, we’re thankful!

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