Mangled Maybach on Forgiatos Is One Well-equipped Wreck!

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Burned Maybach Driver's Side Front

Ravaged S-Class Benz was the ‘most lit’ ride in Las Vegas.

There are many wheel companies with huge displays at SEMA each year, but few put on as impressive of a display at Forgiato. The company often features the hottest hypercars with some of the most scantily-clad car show models. But this year, they went a different route in attracting attention to their flashy wheels.

Burned Maybach Passenger Front Close

Forgiato put a set of huge, gold-trimmed chrome rollers on a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, which makes perfect sense until you consider the fact that the car in question was badly burned inside and out. It sounds crazy, but in a show packed with stunning custom cars, a burned-out Maybach is a pretty solid attention-getter.

Burned Maybach Front Interior

SEMA’s ‘Most Lit’

As the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas started last week, Forgiato wheels Instagram account shared a picture of their outside display, claiming that they had the “most lit” car at SEMA.


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The most lit car at #SEMA2018 | come check it out at the Forgiato Booth #62120

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As you would expect, they were talking about the Mercedes-Maybach shown here, which was clearly involved in a horrific fire. We don’t know the details of what led to the unfortunate demise of this super-premium luxury sedan, but it must have burned for quite some time to do this much damage inside and out.

Burned Maybach Side

Based on how the hood appears to have been ripped open, we would guess that the fire was focused in the engine bay, but in any case, the car is completely destroyed. It certainly was lit by something, costing someone upwards of $200,000 to replace.

Burned Maybach Rear

Ugly Maybach, Shiny Wheels

Forgiato puts their high-end wheels on all sorts of impressive vehicles, which can help draw people to the booth or display, but the cars can detract some attention from the wheels.

Forgiato Maybach Wheel

In the case of this car, onlookers who were drawn over by the burned Maybach didn’t have much to look at besides the wheels once they are there, so this unique “show car” might have helped showcase their new Orologio wheels even better than the same car in good shape.

Burned Maybach Front

Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the new Forgiato 22-inch wheels and the burned-out Maybach.

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