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DIY 722.9 7G-tronic 7-speed automatic transmission service thread

C-Class (W204) 2008 - 2014: C180K, C200K, C230, C280, C300, C350, C200CDI, C220CDI, C320CDI

DIY 722.9 7G-tronic 7-speed automatic transmission service thread

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2003 c230
HI too all
I have a problem with my 2003 Mercedes C230 Kompressor
I have taken it to a few people to look at but no one can really understand the problem. the car seems to shut off after a few seconds after I turn it on in the morning. I have to start it up and rev it up for about 30 sec for it to not shut off.
anyone might have any ideas what it may be? it will really help me out a lot thanks please feel free to text me or email me guys

[email protected]

thanks again too all

Andrii K
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2011 C300 4MATIC
Originally Posted by stgry1 View Post
I'm with you on this jmac. I have done much research as well and since my trans service is due, I'm trying to zero in on the proper fluid also. My # is 722999 03 161122. 2011 C300 no start/stop. So the question remains for us, G Tronic or G Tronic Plus??
Any update on this? I'm getting close to servicing mine. You and I should have the same trans I guess. C300 no start/stop, no push button, just basic.

Delivery Date: 27 08 2010
722964 02 837898 [transmissionType = GA]

FYI, my local Indy guy said he charges $575 for the "partial" drain and said the trans has to be dropped to drain the TC so they don't do it. Looks like I'll be doing this service myself.
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2014 C300 Sport
New to Mercedes:

Does this transmission problem plague 2008+ C300's or did they fix this problem with the 2012-2014 facelifts? In my years working around cars I have found that by the end of a run of cars (etc changing from w204 to w205) that all the problems tend to be worked out.

PS I have a 2014 C300 4matic.
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2014 C250
MB workshop tips for the 7G-Tronic (722.9): Link...
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2004 C240 4Matic: 412,479 Miles 2013 C300 4Matic 78.565 Miles
7G Tronic versus 7G Tronic Plus Service Intervals

Originally the factory recommendation for the 722.9 7G Tronic was lifetime fill back in 2008. After many owners issues this was adjusted to 39,000 miles after failures and complaints.

These are a higher viscosity fluid and dyed RED per factory bid specs. Fall into the SAE 30 fluid viscometrics of 9.3 to 12.49 cSt.

The 722.9 GTronic Plus is a slightly redesigned transmission that is designed to work with the ECO Start / Stop function that delivers 7% better fuel economy....via a new set of lower fluid viscometrics and is BLUE in dye. Low viscosity fluid...mimics closely to an SAE 16 fluid viscometrics as its viscosity is the lowest in the world slightly below the SAE 20 viscometrics of 5.6 to 9.29 CST... It is NOT backward compatible...or you will hear or read don't mix RED with BLUE (MB 236.14 mixed with MB 236.15 labelled fluids).

If you do to decide to play service manager and chemist by mixing the fluid; you have to realize that the torque converter in the 7G Tronic Plus units is completely redesigned from the 7G Tronic units and this is critical as there is not any separation of the transfer case fluid in the Plus units as there is in the 7G Tronic versions. 2 different beasts as far as torque converter design. The Plus unit is an excellent engineering effort by MB. In my opinion there isn't a smoother shifting unit made than this, although I haven't driven the new 9 speeds yet. But if you insist on mixing be prepared to expect erratic shift responses.

There are actually 3 versions of the 722.9 GTronic Plus Transmissions (essentially a base model thst handles the M276 3.5 Litre V6 248 HP and 302 HP engine setups, a slightly more hardened version for the S Class autos, and a higher torque handling unit for the AMG engine set ups.

But what is missing is in both transmission versions is the fact that people drive uniquely special.

So if you are serious about your transmission health you may want to consider using 3 ways to determine when you do services. You must have a proactive mindset and understand not all accumulated miles are equal. Especially if you do a lot idling, say, as an UBER BLACK driver in NYC.

1. Miles - everyone gets that but the documentation is varying from 722.9 versions and year models.
So check to be sure, you have to dig at some dealerships. Keep in mind,the 722.9 GTronic RED Fluid units came with a LIFETIME Fill factory recommendation for a product specifed as conventional (non chemcally constructed - this is important for USA owners as the fluids used and sold in the US marketplace DO NOT necessarily meet the MB Spec sheets developed in Germany).

2. Time - this one is tricky because you could have 4,000 miles total usage but you only use your vehicle to do for example the October to May restaurant trips in places like Naples Florida. Why is,this criticall? The anti oxidant additive system is rapidly depleted and actually boils off and you find yourself at the Service Advisors desk and,they state you need to add fluid....why? Boil off. $49 a litre... thank you very much for the MB Genuine Fluid. The rapid deterioration of the fluids occurs with the short trip heat up cool down cycles versus miles as the average consumer thinks only of miles. It is these applications that causes the valve body rusting issues.

George at G&N Motors on West Santa Monica Boulevard near Beverly Hills California has a kit to fix cars like this suffering from short trip-itis. Nearly half of the S63 & S65 AMG vehicles in USA are in this area and pervasive in Orange County nearby. George has learned how to keep customers happy and keep harmony with the factory......

So the thought model is Paris Hilton drives 6 miles, buys $150,000 of ladies clothing...goes to Spagos...a couple of miles down the road from her favorite Rodeo Drive shop...then rushes home to soak by the pool. The 722.9 G TRONIC Plus is suffering....but she is only concerned with the headrest fan blowing cold air on the back of her neck.

The transmission fluid is under attack whenever she stops, shops and eats......so is the readers.

George has a kit he has personally developed to help the 722.9 unit's valve bodies live. He works with you through the mail.


Here are some of the repairs that George can handle instead of a dealer:
  • Transmission gear control unit (Electronic Valve Body on 722.9 G-tronic transmissions only)
  • Electronic Ignition Switch EZL
  • Infra-red Control Unit, Drive Authorization Module DAS
  • Engine Control Module
  • Locks and Lock Cylinders: mechanical and electronic
  • Electronic Selector / Shift Lever Modules (electronic shifter assembly) models 215, 220 & 230 only
  • Flashware or repair CDs
  • Airbag / SRS supplemental restraint system cables, etc.
  • Body Shell, body panels, and components
  • Keys both electronic and traditional blade type (also green and orange programming keys)
  • Transmission control unit (VGS);e.g.,A 220 270 31 06
  • Transmission control unit (TCM);e.g., A 000 270 26 00
  • Direct shift module (DSM, ISM);e.g., A 000 270 33 52
  • Engine control unit (MSG, MCM);e.g., A 278 900 13 00
For 2004 and newer models, the Mercedes 7-speed transmission (also known as G-tronic) has an electronic control unit mounted inside the transmission. These control units fail frequently from speed sensor faults.

The speed sensors are not replaceable and are integrated in the electrical conductor plate that bolts to the valve body inside the transmission. Replacing the valve body or the conductor plate does not mean removing the transmission as a valve body comes with the conductor plate / control unit. Early valve bodies must be replaced as a complete unit, but newer model units can be repaired by replacing only the conductor plate / control unit assembly. George has replaced many of these and are now certified for SCN coding to complete this repair.

Mercedes-Benz was restricting sales of 722.9 valve bodies or conductor plate control units. These units were failing so frequently, that even dealers were restricted from selling them. Previously, Mercedes required the vehicles be brought into their dealers for any valve body or conductor plate repair, even if the vehicle was out of warranty and the customer was paying. The dealer was required to submit a request with paperwork and the factory would send the parts they felt were necessary for repair (either conductor plate assembly or complete valve body).

This has all changed and now George can take care of the complete repair and get the parts directly from Mercedes-Benz. You are no longer required to take your vehicle to the dealer for this replacement. <img src="http://rt.trafficfacts.com/ns.php?k=796gb5e07dededcbbebbde5cc5342134c5e1f08fc 16ch15" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>
ShareThis Copy and Paste

- See more at: http://gnnmotors.com/l.s.i.d-license....aUopJCj1.dpuf

Now back to the 3rd parameter for being proactive with service intervals, versus blindly following the book.

3. Hours - This is encountered especially with Sprinter vehicles that idle extensively. An hour gauge by VDO needs to be put on the vehicle or following the mileage recommendation will kill your bottom line in downtime or for most consumers they encounter the UNEXPECTED service event(s). VDO is the dash OEM.

So your service advisor is great, hopefully certifed and follows the OEM instructions.

However if you want to keep costs down you should objectively examine how you drive.

The paradox here is that the faster you drive and stay on the highway, the less wear and additive depletion will occur (let the reader understand that the 39,000 mile & 70,000 mile recommendations are based on "normal" operating conditions is defined as at least 45 miles. EVERY OTHER USAGE is defined as SEVERE.

Herein lies all the issues owners run into. Personally finding WHEN Severe service events should occur is hard to find and not very well documented. But the issues are.....

Then there is the issue of clutch dust wear being allowed to recirculate on US bound 722.9 units as the filter system on the return line to catch the clutch dust particulate matter in the 3 micron range and above IS REMOVED on US bound units. An example filter on the European units is shown at this link......


So MBUSA LLC has decided to let US owners, that drive more miles quicker than EU owners, suffer from wear chain cycle particulates to stay In the transmission and then its up to you the owner to figure out why you have operational performance issues outside the normal 4/50K warranty period. How so? The filter units are not installed for US bound models.... Clutch dust particles are slowly killing the transmissions. The wear zone particles are left unchecked and the wear cycle goes into destruct node if you are a short trip driver and miss your service events.........its simple the fluid is recirculating the wear particles. This is all measurable with fluid sampling and examining particle counts as well as measuring wear and the additive fallout form new fresh unused virgin fluid samples as a baseline.

If you want to extend the life of the transmission you should also consider installing a WEISTEC 722.9 transmission pan with extra capacity (in their case its 2.5 quarts or roughly 28% more fluid, or the unit from SPEEDRIVEN is a good choice also. (SPEEDDRIVEN has 722.6 pans also but that is out the scope of this thread). Its easy to understand...2.5 quarts times 1 million units.....exactly. Just enough is just enough to do what? get through the warranty period and then let the owner survive the monkey land (monkey land is outside the warranty period) of keeping the transmission alive.

Remember the factory engineers fight a battle with marketing non engineers to keep costs down so just enough fluid to get through the warranty period is the thought process that emerges from the factory engineering and marketing teams. This is the reality. Think minimum.

So my 2 cents as to what to expect when trying to help your 722.9 units alive and shifting seamlessly as they were designed to do.

I learned all this by analyzing the fluids.

If you are not measuring you are guessing.


Here is a video on the 7G Tronic Plus effort. I have experienced this unit in the vehicle I own and it is the best engineering effort from Stuttgart yet from MB Engineering, it redefines smooth.

With state of the art chemically constructed synthetic fluids I achieve 34.1 MPGs on my 2013 C350 equipped 722.9 G Tronic Plus at 69 MPH...and 38.6 at 62 MPH in ideal Interstate driving conditions (steady state between fuel ups).

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2014 C350 4Matic Coupe, 1998 Toyota Camry, 2005 Toyota Sienna
theoilzone - Great write up! But how should those of us who own the "Plus" version proceed?
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Mercedes C250 Coupe
OilZone is getting the same highway fuel numbers from his six cylinder Mercedes as I get from my four.

He must be doing something right!!

...using Paris Hilton as a driving style model was pure genius..............

ez (like the car - don't use it all that much - have a German Diesel as a daily driver............)
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2012 mercedes c250 amg
Electronic Problem on my 2012 C250 w204

Does anybody knows what exactly the part in the blue circle is called? Started my car this morning but got a ton of safety messages and could even put it in reverse.
Attached Thumbnails DIY 722.9 7G-tronic 7-speed automatic transmission service thread-2012-mercedes-benz-c250-engine-bay.jpg  
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2009 C63 AMG, 2010 C250 4Matic Sport
Just for fun, here's what the inside of my transmission pan looks like at 188,000km with tons of aggressive driving. the fluid was quite dark. I don't think my torque converter was drained the last time it was serviced.
All's fine so far though, shifts smooth and everything, just regular maintenance. Transfer case makes no noise (knock on wood)

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'08 C300 MM Pano

Originally Posted by Funkwagen View Post
Just for fun..
I'd say that is pretty "clean"...
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2005 CLK500 Convertible
Hi to all,
I'm about to service the 7 speed 722.9 trany on my 2005 CLK500 with 48,000 ml. I can get both Fuchs TITAN ATF 4134 and Shell ATF 134. They both are 236.14 spec ATFs approved by Mercedes. The Shell ATF 134 will cost me about $30 less for 12 quarts. What ATF would you recommend?
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How many liters of fluid would it take to do a tranny AND Torque converter drain and fill?

Dealer is doing this this week and I'd like to know how many liters it will officially take to confirm that they are doing it right. thanks
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2005 CLK500 Convertible
What year is your car?
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Originally Posted by 776westfield View Post
What year is your car?
2012. Danke!
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2005 CLK500 Convertible
According to the multiple posts on 722.9 transmissions, the total fluid capacity is 9.7 liters with new oil pan design. You can double check with the MB dealer.
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C230 4 Matic
Originally Posted by Waboyce View Post
E500 valve body?
I have a 2005 e500 with 63000 miles, and have been reading much about the transmission issues. I have had two adaptations and still experience what is at times a hard shift into and out lower gears. The problem is more prevalent when the vehicle is "cold". I have a couple questions:
1) what could be other (hopefully less costly) issue?
2) i have heard that mbusa may help if you have less than 100k. if I do need a valve body and have less than 100k miles how do I contact mbusa to ask for assistance?
3) my vehicle hasn't gone into to limp mode, but can any major issues form with not having a 100% valve body (if that is what it is)?

Also, I have also read you MUST have a full transmission service. I am not certain if mine has ever had one. Would this be recommended? What is generally involved and a price point? I have also read that it is not advised to have what I can term a "forced flush". Is there any other kind?

Thank you!

Read more: https://mbworld.org/forums/c-class-w...#ixzz2JbAD0CHF
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2005 CLK500 Convertible
My clk 500 does hard downshifting to first gear when cold. I did the transmission flush with filter change on My 2005 CLK500 convertible with less than 50,000 mls. Because my 722.9 doesn't have the TC drain, I flushed it through the upper radiator tran line. I used the garden sprayer ($5 from Walmart) to pump the ATF up. Using Mityvac MVA588 ATF Refill Adapter that I bought on Amazon for around $15. It worked great. Everything went smooth, just time consuming.
After draining and removing the pan I got 4 L. Then I pumped 4 L in. Then flushed 3 times with 2 L out and pumped 2 L in each time. In the last 4th flush I flashed 1 L out (new fluid was already coming out) and pumped 2 L in. So I got total 11 L out and put 12 L in. And then at 45C I had the fluid coming out in constant flow. I used Fuchs Titan ATF 4134.
To measure temperature I used both a digital multimeter with the temp probe taped to the pan and IR thermometer.
Then I got the transmission software update at the dealer, and it still does it.
If you find out anything about Mercedes fixing this issue, please let me know. Thanks.
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