Mercedes-Benz Open Air Motoring Celebrates 55 Years

Roadsters first emerged from Mercedes-Benz’s workshops when in 1954, the 190 SL was introduced with the 300 SL gullwing at its New York world premiere. Production for this series was begun in 1955 after a five-month development period. By the end of the model’s production in 1963, almost 26,000 190 SLs had moved off the

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BRABUS Releases New Smooth-Ride Suspension for G-Class Models

There never seems to be a dull moment as long as BRABUS is around. The long-standing Mercedes-Benz tuner has just released its new smooth-ride suspension with dynamic control, available across the Mercedes-Benz G-Class range. This new suspension system, which was developed with German shock absorber manufacturer BILSTEIN, sports two-way adjustable shock absorbers at the front

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Mercedes-Benz Set to Unveil New Concept Car

As part of its celebrations for the 125th birthday of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz is set to showcase its newest concept car design. This was revealed to British automotive magazine Autocar by an insider source. What makes the unveiling even more exciting is that Mercedes-Benz has chosen to showcase the new design concept in sculpture form–much

  Comments | By - January 20, 2011

Merc Leads Way in Researching Vehicle-to-Grid Communications Technology

Mercedes-Benz is currently spearheading research that will make vehicle-to-grid communication possible, so that the technology can be made standard on future electric vehicles. This will help reduce the burden that EVs place on the power grid, and owners will have lower electricity bills also since they’ll be charging during the cheapest periods. Here’s basically how

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Mercedes-Benz To Come Out With AMG Hybrids In The Near Future

Audi has their E-tron concept cars and BMW their ActiveHybrid. Porsche introduced the Cayenne Hybrid last year and the 918 RSR this year. There can be no doubt now that the green revolution has reached the domain of sports and luxury cars. Once the domain of cars like the Toyota Prius, vehicles with electric propulsion

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