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This Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain Render Gives Us Hope for the Future


Check out this sweet Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain render by, Remo M, who designed this gorgeous blue wagon to give us an idea of what an active-lifestyle C-Class wagon could look like if Mercedes actually pulled the trigger on such project.

  Comments | By - November 8, 2016

2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 Sedan – This is it

2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S Sedan, European model shown

There was a time in automotive history when throwing around quotes like, “the most powerful,” or “the fastest” vehicle ever were special. Unfortunately that’s no longer true, as we…

  Comments | By - October 25, 2016

Here It Is, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class Concept

Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS

You can use a lot of things to fill in a gap, depending on what you’re building. Mercedes-Benz is building a comprehensive vehicle portfolio and it’s going to fill one of the gaps in it with a truck.

  Comments | By - October 25, 2016

Mercedes on Pace to Take BMW Sales Crown by End of Year


This should rub BMW fans the wrong way.

  Comments | By - October 19, 2016

DIME Racing AMG GT: The Factory-Warrantied Racer You’ve Always Wanted!


DIME Racing has announced the launch of its new program to sell turnkey, street-legal, “race cars” for the road through Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

  Comments | By - October 18, 2016

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