MBUSA chose Seattle to unveil some of the members of their 2015 C-Class lineup. The cars fit right in with those driven by tech entrepreneurs and those wanting to look like one.


Some automotive writers got the chance to drive the 2015 C-Class recently. During their day spent with reps from the company, they were able to glean some information on what’s due to happen for the C-Class product line in the next few years.

Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard Featured

The S-Class has been a favorite of diplomats around the world. The versions that are used to transport diplomats usually aren’t the same ones you find on the showroom floor, though. These bad boys have security upgrades.


The 2015 Mercedes-Benz ML-Class lineup will see two new engines. This move was made in order to reduce engine displacement and increase fuel economy. Both engines will be twin-turbocharged.


Folks with the standard sound systems think they sound like something out of a 2006 Honda Civic. People with the optional sound systems think they are God’s gift to ears. What are your thoughts?

AMG GT Black Series Spied Featured

The Black Series takes the already ridiculous, and turns it past eleven … to like 50.


Early next year, Mercedes-Benz will lift more than just the face of its third-generation M-Class SUV. It will also lift off the “ML” badge and replace it with one that reads “GLE.”


  With the announcement that Dodge will bring forth the apocalypse Hellcat Charger, where does that leave Bavaria in the mighty sedan horsepower wars? Well frankly, it leaves them in the dust. The BMW M5 doesn’t come close to the power numbers of the Hellcat, and the E63 AMG is closer, but just doesn’t have that […]


Some auto journalists are speculating that Daimler is considering an outright purchase of Aston Martin, the only car maker in the world not under the umbrella of a larger company.


The Mecum auctions are some of the year’s best chances to get your hands on a classic Mercedes-Benz. This year’s auction is no exception. Here are three fine examples from the Stuttgart company.