Best technicians go head to head in Global TechMasters PC

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What happens when you pit two talented individuals in a contest? You get to see what they’re really made of, that’s what. Competition brings out the best out of people. And just when you think they’ve done their very best, they do better. That’s what Global TechMasters PC 2010 is all about.

The very best of Mercedes-Benz service employees and technicians will
go head to head against each other for this prestigious championship to
be crowned the ‘best of the best’ technical team in the world that can
work on a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. They’ll be judged based on their skills
and talents related to auto repair and maintenance.

This year’s competition sees Mercedes-Benz technicians from each
continent getting together in the event. 70 technicians from all 14
nations have come to Stuttgart to take part in grueling competition
starting Novermber 16 to 18, as part of the biggest ever team building
activity anybody in the company has ever experienced. The event’s growth
shows through first time participants from Luxemberg, Russia, South
Africa and the US, as well as the 15,000 service employees who qualified
for competition.

The aim of the competition is not only to foster camaraderie amongst
technicians but also to build greater motivation and add to their realm
of expertise.

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