Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition gives you the chance to win an SLS AMG

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Who isn’t a fan of Gran Turismo? Well here’s great news. The game manufacturer has finally released yet more news on the fifth edition, and there’s going to be at least three versions of it. There will be a standard edition fetching around AU$120, a collector’s edition worth AU$130, and a signature edition that costs around AU$300. Why are the figures in Australian dollars? Well, probably because they’re going to be made available in Australia.

So why are we reporting on it here at BenzInsider? Well, aren’t you an eager beaver. You see, the collector’s edition will be packaged with a copy of Apex magazine, and there’ll be hints and tips featured in it for both driving and tuning. There will also be a set of five art cards, five ready-to-race  ChromeLine-tuned cars, plus a them that’s so dynamic it will blow your PS3 away.

Here’s the juicy part. The signature edition–the one which costs 300
bucks–will have the game boxed in a metal case along with a 1:43 scale
of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing. That’s not all. Inside the case
will also be a GT-branded leather wallet and key fob, the Apex
magazine plus a branded USB key that contains a behind-the-scenes video
file for your geeky pleasure. Apart from the five ChromeLine cars, there
will be an additional six “Stealth” cars that include the Mercedes-Benz
SLS AMG and the McLaren F1 super cars. Beat that, NFS!

Oh yeah, signature edition buyers will also have the chance to win a
AU$464,000 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing. You’d rather have the wallet,
wouldn’t you?

Now stop drooling and start saving up for GT5. You have buyers from
all 21 other countries to beat to the ultimate prize of the SLS AMG.

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