China’s Mercedes-Benz GLK in 3.0L V6 Engine

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GLK Mercedes Benz 597x276 Chinas Mercedes Benz GLK in 3.0L V6 Engine

In a recent report about the joint venture with Beijing Benz Automotive Co, Ltd., it was revealed that the GLK SUV will be locally produced in China. Currently, words are spreading that the vehicle will be equipped with a 3.0L V6 engine for the top end model.

This is in line with Mercedes-Benz’ goal of pushing the brand from
this year until 2012 to be at par with the fast-paced Audi. Introducing a
new range of China-made vehicles, the company aims to cater to a wider
market by lowering their prices. This will be made possible by making
cars in the country, thus avoiding high import taxes and also allowing
customers to compare auto insurance
for greater deals. Other than that, the parts will be sourced locally
so the price of the Mercedes-Benz cars will be significantly reduced.

As shown in the photo from Mercedes- Benz China, the locally made GLK
has minor changes in the front end, however this is no big deal as it
still shows similarity with the imported version. The price of
Mercedes-Benz GLK in China is expected to range from 300,000 yuan (about
$46,500) to 450,000 yuan (about $70,000) when it launches in the first
quarter of 2012.

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