Pro Audio Makes Mercedes-Benz CL550 the Ultimate Luxury Commuter

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Mercedes-Benz CL550

Can you improve the everyday usability of a CL-Class Mercedes with a pro audio stereo?

The Mercedes-Benz CL-Class is a coupe variant of the S-Class. Which means it has all of the luxury and performance of the best in class Mercedes-Benz. On your daily commute the CL550 will massage you and heat or cool your bod while you’re stuck in traffic. Mercedes offers dual pane acoustic and infrared reflecting glass windows to keep out the noise and sun. The air-ride suspension soaks up the bumps as the powerful V8 wafts you around town. They say that driving a top level Mercedes-Benz is so calming it actually lowers your heart rate. It’s a great car. So, how can you improve on such an amazing car for your daily drive?

Pro Audio cl550_amp_rack_stealth

MBWorld forum user MA043HA bought his 2009 CL550 to be his daily driver. Thanks to the might of luxury car depreciation, the CL550 is now his pride and joy. He is very happy with the car, but being a bit of an audiophile, the stock Mercedes-Benz audio system was lacking for his taste. So he set out to improve it.


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For starters he gave the car to professional and had them take out some of the stock system. Now it was time for the pro audio upgrades. In the trunk, a stealth mount of two Sinfoni Temp Presto amps setup with a Mosconi Aerospace 8-12 dsp. Then in the passenger footwell an Illusion Audio L10 ten-inch sub was built into a custom stealth enclosure. Of course two amps and a sub are not enough to transform the system. So, a pair of 2-way Dynaudio Esotec 242s were put into the stock door speaker locations. Check out the install thread  for the details and pictures, and let us know what you think of this pro audio install in the comments.

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