We Rendered Mercedes-AMG’s Hypercar, Project ONE

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Project ONE

Formula One Performance Is Made Fit for the Road in the Upcoming Mercedes-AMG Hypercar, Project ONE

Mercedes-Benz is going full out with the idea of a track-to-street racing program. With multiple Formula One Driver’s and Constructor’s Championships under its belt, Mercedes is taking its racing technology off-track with a new super-mega-hypercar. The previously named project R50 has officially been given the name Project ONE, but we still don’t know what it looks like. That is why we called up our favorite render artist, Pratyush Rout. We asked him to take a look at Mercedes’s spied clay model and the few silhouette teaser shots that exist, and then make up a rendition of the new performance machine.

Project ONE

As you can see, what Rout created is nothing short of magnificent. The render here makes use of Mercedes’ new vertical bar grille, and the nose is wrapped tightly around the front for improved aero. The nose and rear quarter shapes were pulled from the clay model image, while the rear vertical wing and side venting were pulled from the teaser images.

If you think the design is odd, you won’t be alone. But as we approach the performance limits of what is possible in current car designs, people need to start thinking out of the box. There is a reason that F1 cars and prototype Le Mans racers look nothing like road cars. Road cars just can’t be fast enough.

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The name Project ONE comes from the car’s powertrain. Mercedes will be using a road-legal version of its F1 W07 engine that powers their Formula One racer. That means a 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 with a pile of hybrid-electric goodies. Mercedes is also going to be using a set of electric motors to drive the front wheels, creating an electric hybrid performance concept similar to the Porsche 918 and Acura NSX.

Except that it will feature a Formula 1 engine, making it about a million-times cooler.

Expected power output is in the 1,000 pony range, easily making this the most powerful road car the company will have ever produced. When it comes to potential competition, the biggest name is the Aston Martin AM-RB 001, but the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera will be fighting for those same buyers as well.

It is a great time to be a fan of Mercedes, AMG, and supercars. Especially if this render is anywhere near actuality.

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