Mercedes-Benz Interiors to Go Further Upmarket

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Mercedes-Benz Interior

The next generation of entry-level Mercedes-Benz vehicles will boast first-grade characteristics currently found in range-topping models only.

Mercedes-Benz does many things well when it comes to manufacturing cars and SUVs. In fact, maybe too well; their vehicles have been described as, “too perfect,” “cold,” and even “medical grade” due to their straightforward and perfectionist approach. Unlike their Italian counterparts who often place passion ahead of reliability, Mercedes prides itself on delivering in all ends. That being said, there’s one area where the iconic manufacturer has lacked in recent decades, and that’s in the interior design of their compact vehicles.

The current-generation S-Class may be the pinnacle of interior design and technology, and the E-Class is certainly right up there. Unfortunately, hop inside a current Mercedes-Benz SLC, CLA, or GLA and the story drastically changes. Even the best-selling C-Class featured one of the most plastic-fabulous interiors prior to its latest redesign.

Mercedes-Benz interior

Thankfully, new photos revealed by the automaker seem to change the precedent, and in a very positive manner. These photos show the interior design philosophy that’s expected to adorn the upcoming generation of CLA and GLA models (2019 and forward), as well as the A-Class Hatchback. Unfortunately, the hatchback isn’t expected in the United States, but the sedan version that follows is.

A closer look at the images reveals the turbine style vents currently used in the E-Class coupe, as well as the disappearance of a button-clad center stack, which has been replaced by a sleek and large touchscreen mounted atop. A slim silver-painted bar features HVAC control located below the vents, and the driver’s and center screen appear to merge together, giving the look of one massive screen.

Mercedes-Benz interior

Furthermore, the seat and steering wheel adjustment controls are now located on the door panels, much like in the medium to high trim Mercedes-Benz models. Lastly, the touchpad control for the infotainment also makes an appearance. Whether Mercedes will move forward with all these changes or this is just a visual representation, we don’t know. But we sure do like what we’re seeing.

What do you think of these new design concepts?

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