Mercedes-Benz GLS Will Compete with X6

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Mercedes Benz GLS against BMW x6 1024x749 Mercedes Benz GLS Will Compete with X6

After BMW sold 120,000 units of the X6 since it launch in 2009, Mercedes-Benz is planning on making a model that will compete directly with it, which will be called Mercedes-Benz GLS.

The SUV, will take some designs from the CLS
four-door. Despite the details being on hold, an insider revealed to
Auto Evolution that it could have the V6 engine that will perform at
306HP and the V8 with 435HP; these will be for the petrol version.
Diesel versions could have 3.0L diesel or a hybrid oil-burner also on
the E3000 model that will be presented in the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Mercedes-Benz GLS is set to be launched in 2014, a company insider
said last week, “After closely monitoring sales trends, we’ve concluded
there is potential for an additional off-road model with a more sporting
emphasis than the new M-class.”

Photo source: Mercedes Benz.

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