Mercedes-Benz 240 D Brings Smoky Mayhem to LS Fest West in Vegas

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MB World was on the scene at the ‘Cleetus and Cars’ burnout event, where this Mercedes came to play and slay. 

The 2019 Holley LS Fest West just wrapped up in Las Vegas, and MB World was there. And we’re still recovering. The event brought out all the automotive hi-jinks we wanted: drifting, burnouts, off-roading, jumps, and more. Taking center stage at the event is the LS platform. And among the cars and trucks that got down and dirty were some stellar LS-swapped rides, including this Mercedes-Benz 240D.

The hottest action was found at Mr. Chow’s Side Show. Partnered with Sac Speed Shop, the sideshow pit was where we caught some truly crazy and hardcore tire scorching.

Mercedes-Benz 240 D + LS Fest West +"Cleetus & Cars"

Popular YouTuber Cleetus McFarland brought his “Cleetus and Cars” event to LS Fest West. So McFarland was on hand for the event.

When you see a car like this, you have to wonder: Is a Benz at a disadvantage among the hopped-up LS-powered trucks and cars?

Mercedes-Benz 240 D + LS Fest West + "Cleetus & Cars"

It was not. This 240D delivered a masterful tire-screeching smokeshow. Of course we shouldn’t be surprised. The diesel-powered classic 240D is a solid car that seems to be indestructible. They last forever, they have timeless style, and they are badass.

This banging Benz looked great and performed like an angry beast. Of course, we have to give credit to the driver, who definitely showed his chops and left the pit like scorched earth.So, maybe we don’t think of a Mercedes-Benz as our first choice for burnouts. That is a mistake. It is, and always has been a car that is impossible to ignore.

Mercedes-Benz 240 D + LS Fest West +"Cleetus & Cars"

Photos for MB World by Derin Richardson

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