How to Buy a $145,000 S600 for Only $12,000

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The W221 Mercedes-Benz S600 is a V12 luxury cruise missile. Is buying an inexpensive, modified, high-mileage, example a huge mistake?

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the top-tier luxury sedan by which all other brands are judged. The S-Class has the latest technology, comfort, and luxury. Sophistication radiates from the taut body lines.

tavarish s600 interior

The twin-turbo V12 S600 is the priciest model without wearing an AMG badge. So, why are we watching a bunch of cheap car YouTubers like Tavarish and Hoovies Garage with such an amazing Mercedes-Benz?

Well, this little gem of an S600 is a bit of a misfit. It started its life on YouTube as a budget build with Tyler of Hoovies Garage. This 2007 S600 was broken, and as a result, it was very cheap. How cheap? Try $4,500 cheap, and this is for a car with an original sticker price of over $145,000.

The previous owner of the S600 felt the motor needed a viking funeral and without a working cooling system, it got one. The massive overheating of the engine left it non-running.

Tyler sourced a used motor from a CL600 and had a shop swap over the engine. He then had a full year of trouble-free driving. So, he then decided to try and break it. He spent $1,500 on a ECU tune, to increase the horsepower. After that, he spent another $3,000 servicing the transmission and completing preventative maintenance. All in, he spent $19,000 including the original purchase price. He then made the stupidest decision yet: he sold it.


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Enter the buyer: Freddy Tavarish, who buys this wonderful and headache-free (for now) S600 for only $12,000. Freddy is known in the Mercedes-Benz community for owning several inexpensive Mercedes project cars. He is a DIY wrenching kind of guy. We are sure he will be able to keep the trusty S600 on the road for years to come (fingers crossed).

tavarish s600 exterior

He currently has a SL55 he plans to convert to a manual transmission, and owns an inexpensive Aston Martin. So, the S600 will be in good company, even if it decides to break. Check out the introduction to Freddy’s S600 project, and let us know what you think.

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