AMG CLK DTM Cabrio is Droptop Excellence With 585 HP

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AMG CLK DTM cabrio

Only 100 of these AMG convertibles were ever made. If you’ve seen one in person, consider yourself very lucky.

AMG had big plans in the early 2000’s. The future for them held big horsepower numbers and wild ideas, and one of their first dramatic changes came in the form of the CLK DTM, like the one we found on Sothebys Auction pictured above. Based off the humble 209 platform, AMG thoroughly re-worked almost every aspect of this car. Technically speaking, the SLS AMG was the first AMG car produced, but this one wasn’t far off.

AMG made it difficult to have one focal point on what makes this car special, but we’ll start with the powerplant. Displacing 5.4 liters, and supercharged, it makes 582 horsepower. Fast today, unbelievable in 2007. But beyond that, AMG had all the right components to back up that power. Upgraded axles, transmission components and differentials put the power down, while big brakes, suspension upgrades and other touches kept everything under control.

AMG CLK DTM cabrio

AMG was about to go wild, however. Compared to other CLKs, almost nothing from the standard car was left over. Different gauges, different steering wheel, door panels, center console, seats, dashboard, and more were changed and exclusive for the CLK DTM, which in itself was ultra exclusive. With only 100 made, exclusivity was assured, even beyond the CLK63 Black, which had production numbers that made it seem like a commoner in comparison.

AMG CLK DTM cabrio

As well, the 63 Black never had the prestige of being built in honor of a DTM victory, nor did it serve as a Formula 1 safety car. That leaves the CLK DTM with its wide fender flares, wide grille, and rear wing with diffuser a true one-of-a-kind ride. It’s just too bad it wasn’t sold here in the United States.


However, the DTM is part of a special exemption that allows newer cars to be imported. If you find one for sale and you have the cash, you really ought to think about placing a bid.

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