Mercedes’ Showcases New Digital Light Tech In Latest TV Spot

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Mercedes relates the darkness and light of surfing to its new digital headlights with famed surfer Garrett McNamara.

The sun provides plenty of light to give drivers a chance to spot any danger to come their way. Though the sun itself can be the danger at times, it’s nothing compared to the dark of night. All of the dangers the sun can highlight disappear when the moon is high. Thus, your Benz’s lights must do what the moon cannot.

Darkness and light are also the keys to survival in the world of surfing, something surfing legend Garrett McNamara only knows too well. Mercedes-Benz recently dropped a video for its new Digital Light technology featuring McNamara, relating what he knows with the new tech.

Mercedes-Benz Digital Light

Doused in dark sea blue light, McNamara says he lives to ride “the biggest waves in the world.” He goes on to explain that those waves can “pound you in the water,” pushing any surfer in every direction, especially down into the darkness.

Mercedes-Benz Digital Light

Juxtaposed with shots of a Mercedes-Maybach S650, McNamara says that in the water, “darkness is the end, and light is life.” So long as he sees a glimpse of the light above, he’ll never be afraid, and that he’ll know he’ll be safe.

Mercedes-Benz Digital Light

Mercedes demonstrates McNamara’s knowledge with the S650’s Digital Light technology, which does more than light the way. As the lights themselves say, Digital Light lets “lights speak for your guidance [and] for your safety.” The software-controlled lights provide driver assistance, performance, and communication through the power of technology.

Mercedes-Benz Digital Light

The multibeam LED headlamps shine in the darkness in HD quality at a resolution of over 2 million pixels total, which work in conjunction with cameras and sensors in the car to find other road users and situations, then adapt and present info to the driver in milliseconds. The Digital Light system recently debuted at the Geneva Auto Show, and is currently in use only by the S650.

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