Breathtaking Brabus E63 S Produces Neck-snapping Power

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What’s better than an AMG E63 S? How about one that screams down the highway with 700 horsepower.

When it comes to Mercedes tuning houses, Brabus is often considered second only to AMG itself. If you want a different flavor and a bunch of extra power from you Benz, Brabus customers can either send their cars to the company or buy one directly from Brabus to their specifications.

The Brabus 700 gets its designation for being a 700 horsepower car capable of 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds and, by any yardstick, that’s blisteringly quick. The only thing you need to own one is some serious cash, and then some strong underwear for when you drive it hard.

This young Brit appearing with the car in this video from the LivingLifeFast YouTube channel, apparently, has Despite his low-key demeanor, he clearly loves his Brabus 700 and it’s the fastest car he’s owned so far. When asked if it’s as fast as his track-oriented and modified 350 horsepower Nitron 1 Renault Megane RS, he says “Power to weight ratios… I think they’re nearly the same but this puts it down like a hammer.”

Brabus 700 road test and review.

Going through the LivingLifeFast YouTube channel back catalog it’s clear that the host has been in some stunning cars, but his first words from inside the Brabus Mercedes are: “I cannot even believe what I’m seeing with my eyes right now. This is the sexiest cabin I have ever, ever, seen.” It could be that he’s a little over-zealous about added ambient light, but it’s hard not see it’s a cut above with the extra trimmings.

Brabus 700 road test and review.

There’s no hyperbole about the performance though. There’s no denying how overwhelming that level of talk is, or the sound of that exhaust coming back down off the revs for that matter. Whether it’s sitting still or out on the road, it’s clear the Brabus 700 is a special flavor of Mercedes. The video gives a great impression of just how brutal yet luxurious the Brabus touch is.

Brabus 700 road test and review.

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