Mercedes E63 Is Taking Names and Spitting Flames

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This E63 wagon is generating big enough flames to impress Game of Thrones fans.

The video above comes from the custom exhaust company Frequency Intelligent Exhaust via their YouTube channel. This isn’t a one off exhaust system, as Fi Exhaust develops and builds exhausts for premium brand cars, including Mercedes. The company aims to be on the high-end, and tune their exhausts as much for sound as they do for performance.

Both useless and impressive is the best way to describe this spectacular display of fire-breathing. In fact, the only way it could be cooler is if someone leaned in to light a cigarette or, more health consciously, to toast some marshmallows. Or, even more health consciously, roast some chestnuts.

Their party trick is a remote-operated valve system, which is controlled by a device they provide or using the phone app available on both the App Store and Google Play. There’s a silent mode, and then, as they describe it on their website, “Frequency Intelligent mode with setup of RPM, Speed or Turbo boost to receive best torque and horsepower and to ensure the best performance of exhaust modification.”

Spitting flames isn’t something Fi Exhausts advertises on the website for their exhausts, and dumping extra fuel to burn and spit flames on the over-run is controlled by the car’s computer. So, we’re not sure what they are trying to achieve here other than maybe a spectacular show-car.

Mercedes E63 Spitting Flames

But that’s totally fine by us because E63 wagons are super cool, and any car spitting flames will always be a fantastic sight to behold. Put the two together and we’ll happily watch that all day. Hell, we’ll even bring our own marshmallows and graham crackers.

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