‘Stronger Than Gravity:’ Mercedes Celebrates G-Wagen Anniversary

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With a run 40 years strong, the Mercedes G-Wagen shows no signs of letting up.

Considering the Mercedes G-Wagen has only been in popular culture for a few years, it is difficult to imagine that it has actually been on the world market for an entire four decades. To celebrate such a feat, Mercedes has a new commercial out, which is mostly a fun demonstration of the already known G-Wagen capabilities.

Ever wonder how far you can push a G-Wagen in terms of grip and gravity? Well, if you’re on concrete, you can tilt the thing over quite a bit before you even reach the boxy SUV’s grip limits. Just because this truck is capable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice, either. Every new luxury feature that we’ve come to expect on a Mercedes is available on the G-class, so you can stay full connected while you’re scampering around on the side of a dam.


While a vehicle like the G550 is this capable on a solid surface, off-road is where it really shines. As the most capable Mercedes model you can get from a showroom, the combination of the G-Wagen’s engine, chassis and driveline mean almost nothing will stand in its way. Plus, with a newly available 4×4 Squared model, the limits are pushed higher.

The quest to personalize a ride has resulted in some of our favorite G-Wagen iterations over the years, with one of our favorites being a custom-made open-top convertible. For use on fair weather days, of course.

G550 G-Wagen 4x4 Squared no roof

Interested in more speed? Well the G63 won’t disappoint there, either, with cars like the G63 based Brabus taking horsepower numbers into the stratosphere. Lest we forget, this vehicle has gone from humble beginnings as a military vehicle all the way to being a fully fledged fashion statement. It certainly has come a long way.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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