World’s Top Speedsters Drag Race. Who Wins?

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Will the Mercedes-AMG GT S Beat the Audi in a Drag Race? We’ve Got the Video from Auto Express┬áto Answer that Question!

You have to admit, neither the Mercedes-AMG GT S or the Audi R8 are designed for drag racing. While they’re both capable of doing it, they really excel in cornering. But boys will be boys…

and one way to settle who has the fastest car is by engaging in the age old tradition of the drag race.

Auto Express did just that with a new Mercedes-AMG GT S and an Audi R8 V10. It should be noted that it’s the regular V10, and not the V10 Plus. That puts horsepower at nearly the same, with the Mercedes making 510 bhp and the Audi making 533 bhp. The Mercedes is also 50 kilograms heavier than the Audi. For we Americans, that’s 110 lbs.

While not that much, it’s a significant number when the Audi already makes a few more horsepower. Additionally, the Audi has an all-wheel drive system. Both vehicles have fast-shifting dual-clutch transmissions, and both vehicles have sophisticated launch control systems.

The results, unfortunately, aren’t that surprising. The Mercedes-AMG GT S is creamed by the Audi. It doesn’t even get the jump off the line. The Audi is faster all the way through the standing kilometer.

It takes the Mercedes 2.0 seconds to get to 30 miles-per-hour. It only takes the Audi 1.7 seconds. The run to 60 miles-per-hour takes 4 seconds in the Mercedes but only 3.5 seconds in the Audi.

At the end of the standing kilometer — because Europe — the Audi is traveling at 162.3 mph and the Mercedes is only going 159.5 mph. The Mercedes never had a chance.

Again, it should be noted that the Merc’s qualities aren’t in the straight-line performance. It’s a driver’s car in every sense of the word, and can do things that the Audi can only dream of doing because the GT S is rear-wheel drive.

But if you were ever wondering which was faster in a straight line, it seems that this video puts that thought to rest.

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