Mercedes-AMG C63 R Edition 1: Drift Mastery in HD

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Many C63 R Edition 1s will likely never see the track but this one isn’t afraid to lay it all out.

In essence, the Mercedes-AMG C63 R Edition 1 is the ultimate track-focused version of the C-Class. This wide-bodied, modern version of what might have once been called the Black Series is every bit as serious as its predecessors. Perhaps more. With more power, less weight, and increased downforce, the Edition 1 is a proper brute on the track or the street. But while this particular Mercedes-AMG is designed to carve corners with precision, it apparently makes a great drifter, too.

At least, it sure looks that way in this video from YouTuber Emma Uttley. This may be a limited-edition car, but the owner of this example obviously isn’t afraid to test its limits. Needless to say, we’re certainly entertained. The tail-happy action is preceded by some good old-fashioned drag racing, however. The special Mercedes-AMG lines up against a Ferrari 488 before hitting a very wet track to do some sliding.

Mercedes-AMG C63 R Edition 1

It doesn’t take much throttle manipulation (read: none) to get this thing sideways, either. After getting a feel for the track, our driver executes some impressive maneuvers that look pretty fun. And it sounds very awesome while doing it, too.

Mercedes-AMG C63 R Edition 1

If nothing else, we salute this Mercedes-AMG Edition 1 owner for actually getting out and driving it like MB intended. Sadly, a lot of these cars probably never will be pushed to their impressive limits. But who cares about things like future values when you can get out and put a huge smile on your face?

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